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Scotland the Brave

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Launched in 2018, Scotland CAN B exists to build a nationwide culture of business as a force for good in Scotland. It is also a catalyst for place-based systems change. It is the first nationwide programme of its kind. 

Scotland CAN B is an initiative in partnership between the Scottish Government and B Lab (the non profit organisation behind B Corp certification). Created to explore what happens when you combine the entrepreneurial, innovative and business for good ambitions of one country. 

Scotland CAN B is on a mission to build a nationwide culture of business as a force for good in Scotland, and creating a wellbeing economy. 

There are two strands to Scotland CAN B’s work:

  • Strand #1: Fostering an Impact Culture: Cultivating coherence and alignment in the mindset, language, tools and frameworks used to leverage business for good in Scotland.

  • Strand #2: Developing & Delivering Impact Trainings: Supporting businesses learn to measure and manage their social, environmental, and governance performance, and understand their impact towards the SDGs and Scotland’s National Performance Framework, through ‘Impact Journey’ trainings for businesses and business advisors.
The impact journey infographic
The Impact Journey

How can we help?

Black Skies Blues help support businesses to:

  • understand
  • define
  • measure and
  • improve their environmental, social and governance performance.

We use the Impact Journey to do this, supporting and guiding businesses through this cyclical, comprehensive and holistic process.

Jayne is our Impact Economy Advisor, completed Scotland Can B training developed for business advisors, which covered a variety of topics including:

  • connecting to the local and global context of the future of business
  • frameworks for impact, including the SDGs and Scotland’s NPF, and how to apply them in a business context
  • in-depth understanding of the broad range of impactful business models and legal structures, and
  • a selection of comprehensive and cutting-edge impact measurement tools.

For more information please contact Kirsty Lewin, one of our Business Advisors. Her knowledge, experience and ideas can help your company thrive in a wellbeing economy, and find joy in a sustainable future.

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